These are problems that were fixed before 6.0.99

The current version contains all the fixes described below.

To see what version of BK 6 you have, pick Help from the main menu, then About BK.

Download BK 6.2

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.98 are below)

(new) Gedcom import will import names of picture files

(changed) I changed the Grid back to the version that works for everyone since a few people had errors with the newer grid.

(fixed) Fixed problem where marriage date for children printed on group sheet when option was set to exclude data for living people.

(new) Added option for Eastern Europe if picking non-western font on Options

(changed) When converting BK5 data to BK6, any words after the picture file name in BK5 will move to the heading field in BK6

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.97 are below)

(fixed) The 4 family Box chart was not printing pictures.

(changed) On the Tree chart and Box chart, it uses a new method when changing from Portrait to Landscape (if you pick File, Printer Setup) and it should help with the Win XP systems that had problems changing to Landscape.

(fixed) Fixed problem where Event (family) was not exporting to gedcom file.

(fixed) Fixed problem on Select Person screen if you were displaying a new event field that had a date but no location.

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.96 are below)

(new) There is a Restore Defaults button when setting up events to show in Options on Select person

(new) There is a new option on File, Options, Edit Screen to use a non-western font like Russian or Baltic

(changed) When showing dates for children on the Edit screen, it used to not show Buried date if the child had a blank Died event attached.

(changed) If database is located on a CD-Rom, it will give one message when starting that data can not be changed, and then it will not give any messages about it when viewing people on the Edit screen. That way people can browse the data without a lot of warning messages.

(changed) The internal sort routine (option 9) can handle 64000 names instead of 32000 names. For more than 64000 use the external sort program.

(changed) If a last name ends with the letters dtr and a period, the program will still treat the word as the last name. Before this version any word ending with a period was not treated as the last name. To fix an existing database, load this version and run the File, Quality check.

(new) This version contains a Finnish translation in BKSETUP6.EXE

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.95 are below)

(fixed) Sometimes going to Edit screen would get Subscript out of Range message if Picture or Text file not deleted correctly.

(fixed) Sometimes when sending Group sheets to HTML files with pictures, the children would show a Family picture of the parents.

(fixed) On the Word Search screen, if you minimized or maximized the screen, it was not working correctly.

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.94 are below)

(new) Option to display 7 large buttons on the main screen for 7 common reports (like BK5 main screen was)

(new) There is an Options button on the Select Person screen where you can pick which events to show for everyone.

(new) On the book reports, it used to use the first word of the name when it needed the first name of the person, but now it will use the First Name field if you have entered something into that field on Edit.

(new) Added Utilities to the Help file (linked from the main help screen then File)

(new) New option when converting BK5 data to BK6. Normally, if there is a Source attached to a blank marriage event in BK5 that source will be a "general family source" in BK6. However, if you press the F5 key while on the Convert screen before you start the conversion, it will set an option to make a blank marriage event with the source attached. Also with this option set, if you pick Ceremony on the second tab, then any source attached to a Ceremony Y in BK5 will be attached to the married event in BK6. This option was requested by someone for a certain reason, however most people should not use it because those sources attached to a blank marriage event will not print on some reports, whereas the "general family source" will print.

(fixed) There was a bug in the program if you were adding Parents to a person and you picked an existing person that had the sex of "unknown". In that case, the person would be added as a parent, but the parent would not show the child unless you changed the sex to female. This bug would only happen if you picked a person as a parent what was previously added as a witness. This has been fixed now.

(fixed) Alt+F2 was not working on the Global Change screen.

(fixed) Fixed a problem with the Tree chart when printing the year only for dates and there was a cousin marriage. Sometimes it would put the spouse name of the parent below the words "see children above"

(fixed) Fixed a problem on the Descendant report when text files started with a carriage return (blank line) and the printing was near the bottom of the page.

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.93 are below)

(new) On the Lists, Word Search screen, you can click on the Marriage tab, then enter the partial name of husband and wife. Then the search will find the couple you are looking for. For example if the married name of a woman is Mary Smith, you can search for Husband name: Smith and Wife name: Mary. Or you can search for all the men named Jones that married women named Smith.

(fixed) Several changes were made to the Backup routine in January and February to try to get one method that would work for Windows XP as will as Win 95/98. A change was made in 6.0.91 that seemed to work for most everyone, however a problem was found and it has been fixed in this version 6.0.93. The problem was that if you were making a backup over a previous backup, it would sometimes not copy a file with the same name, but it would not warn you about the problem. Therefore everyone with version 6.0.91 or 6.0.92 should get the current update to fix this problem. The problem did not happen if you were backing up to a blank diskette, but still everyone with those two versions should get the update. Sorry for the problem. You only need BKUPDATE.EXE to fix this problem for any language.

(new) On Group sheets, it will print a Family address if the Individual address is blank. Also it will print a Family picture if the couple does not have Individual pictures.

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.92 are below)

(new) Under File, Utilities, Global change, you can now change Dates or Locations and the global change of Text file path will also change text files attached as Event Notes now.

(changed) The Timeline can print more people now. The limit used to be 400 and now it is 800.

(changed) When doing a Gedcom Export, it now makes a 1 CONT line if there is a blank line in a text file. It used to not export blank note lines which caused blank lines between paragraphs to be removed.

(changed) The Size column for Pictures can now print larger pictures. When printing a Book report, all pictures are the same height, unless there is a number in the Size column for a picture. Now the Size column can be a number up to 30. Previously the limit was 9. If there is a number in the Size column, the picture will be taller by that number of tenths of an inch. For example if you put the number 10 in the size column, that picture will print 1 inch taller than normal pictures. To make a picture smaller than normal, make it negative. For example -5 in the Size column will make the picture 1 half inch smaller.

(new) On the Group sheets, when printing Sources, it now includes General sources for the person, sources for the Name and General Sources for the Family

(new) On the Quality Check routine, it now will check the Witness links, and let you remove any link that was connected to a person that has been deleted.

(fixed) On the Backup routine, sometimes an external text file that was attached to an Event Note was not being copied.

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.91 are below)

(fixed) A problem was found that could cause an Event Note for a person to become switched with a Source Citation Comment field. This version fixes that problem and the Quality check in this version will notify you if your database has that problem and will help you fix it. The problem only happened if certain things were done in a certain order, but if you have a lot of Event Notes (the N column) added and if you have a lot of sources that use the Citation Comment field (the bottom right textbox for a source just above the Quality field) then your database might be affected. Everyone with a version before 6.0.91 should update to the current version of the program to prevent the problem from happening. I am sorry if you were affected by this bug and if you need help getting your database fixed, let me know.

(changed) When printing extra names (like Also know as or Nickname) in the Book reports the type of name is printed in lower case now. So instead of "Also know as John" it now prints as "also know as John".

(changed) This version fixes the problem where some English words were showing up when running other languages. For example the word Partner was in English, but now it can be changed by the translators. (Give the translators a couple weeks to make the changes.)

(changed) If you have Options set to not print the page number for new sources, then when you do a Gedcom import, it will mark the page numbers for new sources to not print.

(fixed) The F5 key to change And/Or on the Word search was not working for some fields.

(fixed) When creating a gedcom file, if a source has a text box with only a carriage return, it was writing 1 NOTE to the file, but now it does not.

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.90 are below)

(fixed) A couple people got "error 5" as soon as they went to the Backup screen in version 6.0.89. This version should fix that. You do not need this update if you do not have that error.

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.89 are below)

(fixed) Some XP users had problems going to Edit with versions 6.0.86 to 6.0.88. This version should fix that.

(new) New option on book reports to make RTF files for Word 2000 or higher. This option will convert accented characters to hexadecimal in the RTF file.

(fixed) Fixed a problem when reading a gedcom file that had an EVEN tag with no date and no location.

(changed) The Find screen can show up to 4000 matching names instead of 400 names at one time.

(new) A few people still get errors when copying text files using Backup. If you still get errors, try this: Go to File, Backup data files, then while the backup screen is showing, press the F7 key on the keyboard. A window will pop up where you can pick copy method 1, 2, or 3. Pick 2 or 3 and see if the backup works ok. If one method works, and another does not, notify John Steed which method works for you and what version of Windows you have (like 95, 98, XP)

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.88 are below)

(fixed) Fixes a problem (started with 6.0.86) when you press ALT+F2 in a location field.

(changed) The HTML files created by the Group sheet routine have a Title now (Husband and Wife names)

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.87 are below)

(fixed) The previous version included a new version of the Grid used for events, and this has caused a couple problems. This version fixes the error that happens when you press F8 in a location field.

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.86 are below)

(fixed) Book report Index was showing wrong page number for spouse if printing Separate paragraphs and descendant had a long note which caused the spouse to be on a page after the descendant.

(fixed) Timeline sometimes did not show past year 2000 if a person was still living. Also if there were over 200 people on the Timeline, it was hard to scroll down to the bottom.

(changed) Changed the routine used to Backup text files since some people with Win 2000 and Win XP were getting errors while trying to copy the files.

(new) Add popup menu when right click on the textbox in Event Notes

(fixed) Use correct language if not running English and right click on Notes textbox.

(new) When searching for a person on the Find screen, you can use * instead of ??? after name. Before you needed to type 5 or 10 characters for the name and fill in ? at the end if looking for any character. Now you can search for: JO* ST* to find everyone with a first name starting with JO and a last name starting with ST

(changed) This version uses a new Grid routine on the Edit screen. The prior version would sometimes lockup the keyboard if you typed CTRL+O while in a grid (to jump to Older sibling). This version fixes that problem.

(changed) When you pick Add Parents, sometimes it would say the person already had parents of 0 and 0, but now it will put in the parents as Primary and not Secondary in that situation.

(new) The Gedcom export will put in the full version number of Brother's Keeper. Instead of 6.0 it will show 6.0.86

(new) The program will warn the user if he/she creates a new database folder containing accented characters. Btrieve has trouble opening a database if the folder name contains accented letters.

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.85 are below)

(fixed) The 6.0.84 version still had a display problem on the Register, Indented, and Ahnentafel screen if you asked for Basic fields only. Hopefully, it is back to normal now. Sorry for the problem.

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.84 are below)

(fixed) The 6.0.83 version had a display problem on the Register, Indented, and Ahnentafel screen if you asked for Basic fields only.

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.83 are below)

(fixed) Fixed a problem with Foreign language versions: if a Source was attached to a Note on the Notes tab, the Source would sometimes not stay attached.

(new) On the Group sheets, you can select which events you want to print.

(new) The File menu has Repositories, Change, Delete unused or Combine duplicates. Note to translators, there is not a new workfile yet, but those new menu lines are: 3712 Repositories 3713 Change 3714 Combine 3715 Delete

There is still a problem when backing up text and picture files for some people when using Win 2000 or NT. I am working on a solution for those users.

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.82 are below)

(fixed) Fixed a problem with Backup that happened if you backup to a CD or a removable disk and you use the buttons on the right that remember the drive and folder that you backed up to the previous time. The error would happen if the CD or disk did not already have the folder that was specified. If you backup to A: there is no problem, but if you backup to something other than A: then you should install this update to get the fix.

(new) The Custom List reports can print the new Events now. Items 100 and higher are all the events from the events grid. Some are the same as lower numbers (like born and died) but all events are listed. Since this is new, there may be some things still to be worked out. For most events you can pick Date or Location/Description. For some events, such as "Never Married" that are like a "flag", it will print an X if the person has that event attached.

(new) New event "Marriage Intention"

(changed) If you have the Option set to show the Select person screen in birth year order, it will also use Baptized or Christened if the birth date is blank.

(new) There is an option on the Change Language screen to turn off the language buttons at the bottom of the main screen. (Note to translators, this is line 164 in Workfile)

(fixed) Fixed a problem on the Register Book Report when printing pictures. When it says "see marriage to number xx above" it does not repeat the picture now.

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.81 are below)

(fixed) Fixed a problem with footnotes for Group sheets (that started in 6.0.79 update.)

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.80 are below)

(fixed) Gedcom files that were created did not have the tag FORM before Lineage-linked.

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.79 are below)

(fixed) Fixed problem on Group sheets if the footnotes had notes or comments with carriage returns.

(fixed) Fixed (I think) a problem on certain computers where Backup gave error 52 when picking Compress.

(fixed) Fixed a problem when printing a Book report when using Odd or Even pages when there were pictures in the report.

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.78 are below)

(fixed) Fixed a display problem when setting options for Birthday list.

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.77 are below)

(fixed) Fixed several places where there was English when running a foreign language.

(new) If you pick the option to "print baptized date if birth unknown" it will print Christened date if both birth and baptized are unknown on the following reports: Ancestor chart, Descendant Tree, and Descendant Box chart.

(fixed) Fixed a problem when adding a new source, the Repository field was not cleared sometimes.

(new) If you have loaded foreign language files, there will be up to 3 buttons at the bottom of the main screen with the language names. Click any of them to go to the screen to change languages. (This is to help in case the user does not know to pick Help, Change Language.)

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.76 are below)

(fixed) The Family View screen had English when running a foreign language.

(fixed) The Split routine sometimes gave error 5 if you had sources with comments in the citation area.

(fixed) Gedcom Export sometimes did not put / / around the last name that was specified in the Last Name field.

(fixed) On a Descendant report, if an internal textfile had several lines with carriage returns after each line, it would sometimes flow over onto the next page and not have a page number or heading on the next page.

(new) A new input box that shows foreign words for OK and Cancel is used for Different Drive on Backup and other places.

(fixed) When printing Footnotes (Endnotes), sometimes a footnote would repeat when an identical footnote already printed. This was because there was something different in the Citation part of the footnotes. Now it checks to see if the checkbox is checked for that field and if not, it ignores that difference and shows only one footnote.

(fixed) On the Edit screen, if you changed data for a person, then picked Rearrange Spouses, the changes were not saved.

(changed) On the Backup routine, error 52 should be fixed now, and if you had error 67 (too many files) it does more checking now to try to determine where that is happening.

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.75 are below)

(fixed) The headings for the Custom reports sometimes had English when running a foreign language.

(fixed) The Word search can find a Source attached to a Note and a Source attached to a person on the Child tab.

(new) Added several new language files to BKSETUP6 including German, Swedish, Slovenian, Afrikaans

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.74 are below)

(fixed) The 6.0.73 version had a bug where on the Find screen, the Mother and Father names were 1 line too high.

(fixed) Gedcom import, character set was not changing from Ansel for event notes and sometimes Occupation.

(fixed) Sometimes for a new source, the Page number was not checked (to print) even if that option was turned on in Options.

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.73 are below)

(changed) More changes were made for foreign languages (for translators with the new word6set file 1.07)

(fixed) Fixed problem on Quality check where it said there was a problem with Sort name (but there was no problem.)

(fixed) Fixed a problem on the Split database routine where the new split database files were larger than they needed to be. The number of people was correct, but the physical size of the .DT6 files will be smaller now.

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.72 are below)

(changed) More changes were made for foreign languages (for translators with the new word6set file 1.06)

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.71 are below)

(changed) The program was modified to run better in foreign languages (for translators with the new word6set file 1.05)

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.70 are below)

(changed) The new events called "Married Civil" and "Married Religious" will print on certain reports if the regular Married event is not entered. Those reports are Descendant report, Tree, Box, Ancestor, Reasonableness, Graphic chart, and Anniversary list.

(new) The "general source" and "name source" and "general family source" will print on the Book reports.

(fixed) Lists - Custom, the fields for Married Page and Married Quality will print now.

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.69 are below)

(fixed) Group Sheets - fixed error when doing Range of numbers when option to print Event Notes was selected.

(changed) Group Sheets - when printing Pictures, it will now wrap long locations if the locations will not fit before the picture. Also fixed some problems with overlapping related to "See Note" and "His age Her age"

(fixed) Lists - Custom, fixed problems with fields 43, 44 and 45.

(changed) If you pick File,Open database, you can now create multiple sub-folders at one time.

(fixed) Gedcom Export sometimes gave "overflow" error if a text file was large and contained "foreign" characters.

(new) Gedcom Import has option to convert dates from English to the current language in use.

(changed) Gedcom Import - if the gedcom file referred to a Repository that was not correctly listed in the gedcom file, it used to give an error message on the screen, but now it will continue and make a note to the GED.LST file instead.

(changed) Gedcom Import - if the addresses for people in the gedcom file are under the Resided tag, they will be correctly imported into BK6 (to the Address tab).

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.68 are below)

(fixed) Fixed a problem where sometimes there were two periods after a person on the Book reports.

(changed) Changed the Property event (on the Events grid in Edit) to a description (it uses a description now instead of a location). If you already had entered the Property event for a person since September 20, it will convert to a description when you view a person on Edit. However it will not convert any notes in the N column or sources in the S column for the Property event.

(new) The foreign language translators can see their language on the Date Range and the Location Details screens.

(new) If the Sort option is set to type 9 in Options it will sort the Norwegian way if norway.bkw is the language being used.

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.67 are below)

(fixed) Fixed a problem if importing a gedcom file containing the DOS character set. (You do not need this fix for normal gedcom files.)

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.66 are below)

(fixed) Fixed a problem with Add Parents. (The 6.0.65 version fixed one problem with add parents, but made a new problem which is now fixed in this update.)

(fixed) If making HTML files for all the descendants of a person on Group sheets, there was a problem if over 40 generations.

(fixed) Fixed a problem with printing Event Notes on the Group sheets

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.65 are below)

(fixed) Fixed some problems where notes ended with .) or ? or ." and BK was adding another period after the note on Book reports.

(new) Gedcom Import will import Event Notes now and also the TYPE of marriage (Civil or Religious)

(new) Added the item called Property to the Event list.

(fixed) Gedcom now uses NICK and not _NICN for the nickname tag.

(new) Gedcom will import and export MEDI and CALN (Media and call number for the sources)

(new) Added a browse button to find existing files when adding a text file after clicking the N for event Notes.

(fixed) If you have the option set to show names in birth order on the select list, it works for date formats that have the year first also.

(fixed) Fixed a problem on Edit when you picked Add Parents and both parents already existed in the database and one had more than one marriage.

(changed) Changed the search routine a little. When searching for a last name with over 5 characters and using ? in the first name it was not working as people expected. For example when searching for: ? Ashley it showed everyone with that last name, but if searching for: J???? Ashley it was not showing first names that were over 5 characters long. Now it will show all first names starting with J when that is typed. (Before this change, if the last name was over 5 characters long, you would have needed to type: J????????? Ashley to get all first names starting with J)

(new) added ALT+F2 to the Ctrl keys setup screen

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.64 are below)

(fixed) version 6.0.63 had five menu items messed up on the drop down menus at the main screen.

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.63 are below)

(new) Added some new events such as Funeral, Married Religious, Married Civil (Note that currently the reports that print only the basic events will print the regular married event, but not the new married events.)

(new) Can print event notes on Group sheets.

(new) Option to pause after printing x number of pages.

(fixed) Gedcom export / import handles dual dates: Between date1 And date2 or From date1 To date2

(fixed) Gedcom export (when set to exclude details) would sometimes export marriage notes.

(new) Can tab to N S W column on event grid and type N S or W on keyboard instead of clicking with mouse.

(fixed) Fix backup compressed to drive D. It was creating DBK6DATA.ZIP and not D:\BK6DATA.ZIP

(new) The foreign language translators can now finish the Options screen, Event Notes,Witness, and Register Book Also the non-English versions can use letter different from M / F for male and female and can use letters different from N S W for the Notes, Sources, Witness columns. (The correct letters for sex or N S W will show and match the language in use, so the same database will work with different languages.) Translators will need to get the current WORD6SET.EXE file.

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.62 are below)

(fixed) When creating a Gedcom file, if English language was not loaded, an error 5 could happen if there was a date field with only 3 or 4 characters in it. (If you only use English, you do not need this update.)

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.61 are below)

(fixed) Sometimes the blank Married event was attached to the first marriage of a person when you were on Edit and added spouse that was previously married.

(fixed) When printing an Index for a report, and when the option was set for page numbers at the bottom, and when picking 3 columns, the page numbers for the index at the bottom would skip every other number.

(fixed) Sometimes on Split database, you could get "bkmarr.dt6 error = 5" if you deselected people.

(new) Events such as "no children" will print on the book reports (normally events with no date do not print, but some events such as "no children" do not require a date to print.)

(fixed) Sometimes the parents of a spouse did not print on a book report.

(fixed) Gedcom export will convert all date formats to normal gedcom date format.

(fixed) The F7 family view did not let you click > to move to the right if a person had a mother but no father.

(new) Translators: The foreign translations will show on the Source screens and the Convert screen. Get new translation program with some new changes in the workfile.

(changed) The Convert BK5 to BK6 routine used to move "Married Other" to "Divorced" unless the user changed it. However some people did not change it and it caused problems, so now it moves "Married Other" to "Event (family)" unless they change it.

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.60 are below)

(fixed) Version 6.0.59 had a problem where when adding a sibling it sometimes said "you are adding the child of" instead of saying "previous child was".

(fixed) When making HTML files for Group sheets, sometimes the picture of a second spouse was not included.

(fixed) When using Split database, fixed an error "stat 5" in bkmarr.dt6 file which would happen if a husband and wife were accidentally reversed in a marriage.

(new) Quality check will find and fix a problem where a husband and wife are accidentally reversed (it could happen from a gedcom import of a damaged gedcom file). And also it will find and fix a situation where a married person has accidentally been changed from female to male or male to female. (In previous versions of BK it was possible to change the sex of a married person accidentally.)

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.59 are below)

(new) If a gedcom file being imported does not contain any carriage returns, BK will convert the file and read it. (Before it would ask you to correct the file and then try again.)

(new) A gedcom file from FTM may have Occupation in the Place field (which I believe is not correct.) However, now BK will import the gedcom file even if the Occupation or Education or Religion information is in the Place field.

(new) On the Delete menu is Delete Link to Child. This is in addition to the Delete Link to Child button below the child grid. Some people did not see the button and did not know how to delete a child that was in the wrong family.

(changed) For the Ahnentafel Book report, if there are duplicates because of a cousin marriage, it will not repeat the message lines for the duplicated person.

(fixed) When making an RTF file, if an internal textfile had \ or { or } in the note, it would stop the RTF file from loading at that point. This has been corrected.

(fixed) Sometimes when restoring a compressed backup, it did not ask if you also wanted to also restore the text/picture files.

(fixed) Sometimes when on the Edit screen if a Note was showing and you clicked the Ancestor button and then came back to Edit, the textbox for the note was blank. (The note was still attached, but did not show unless you displayed a different person on Edit and then came back to the first person.)

(new) Almost all of the Edit screen can show in a foreign language now. (This is a message to the translators.)

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.58 are below)

(new) On File, Utility a new option to remove extra carriage returns from text files. (If a text file prints differently in BK6 than it did in BK5 then make a couple backups, then use this utility.)

(new) The new Sort routine (see 6.0.57 below) also works for Birthdays, Locations with events, Surname list and Witness list.

(fixed) On Tree chart, sometimes there was a spouse name printed below "see children above" message.

(new) Has some additional error checking to prevent changing the sex of a person by accident.

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.57 are below)

(fixed) Doing a Paste into the address fields works correctly now. (multiline paste)

(changed) The Surname list will now show longer surnames.

(fixed) On the Register Book report, sometimes children were not showing for a person that followed a cousin marriage.

(fixed) When doing a Backup, it no longer says 200 file limit if you are backing up to a folder.

(fixed) On Backup, sometimes it said no room and showed a negative number for the size available.

(fixed) On the Descendant Report, the Save Options was not saving the choice of No Messages.

(fixed) The Split Database routine does not stop the program when you click the X in the upper right.

(changed) The Split Database routine should now be faster for Entire Branch when selecting a large number of people.

(new) If you have trouble with the Sort routine when making a Alpha Report or an Index, go to File, Options, RTF/Other and type 9 at the end of the line about Alphabetical Sort problems. This new type of sort works for Alphabetical and Index, and if you have 6.0.58 or higher then also Birthdays, Surname, and Locations with Events.

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.56 are below)

(fixed) If you were on Edit and made a change to someone and then clicked the X in the upper right to stop BK and you did not click any other menu item or button first, it would stop without saving the last change.

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.55 are below)

(new) On the Backup routine, you can Compress to other drives and it remembers your other drive you used last.

(new) Witness report on List menu.

(new) Add back deleted number on File, Utility menu.

(fixed) Fixed problem where sometimes the Find search would show only one matching name after pressing Cancel when previously adding a new name.

(fixed) Right mouse click let you cut, copy or paste in Notes textbox.

(fixed) You can print up to 10 lines for an address label instead of any 6 lines (File, Options, Other)

(changed) On the Split database, you can select up to 99 generations of Descendants now.

(fixed) Fixed problem where on Ancestor Chart, sometimes the check box for printing Spouse of first person did not work.

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.54 are below)

(fixed) Sometimes the sex of a wife would change to Male after typing in a new note and saving it as an External file.

(fixed) Sometimes a group sheet message line would move the last word on a new line even though there was room.

(fixed) On the Edit screen, you can use = to duplicate the previous marriage location.

(fixed) Fixed an error if the name of a child was only 1 letter long when printing a Register report.

(fixed) Fixed an error if creating a Tiny Tafel file and the user clicked Cancel when it asked for the name and address.

(fixed) Box chart with locations included was not showing the place of death.

(fixed) Gedcom export had an extra character when exporting the Title for a person.

(fixed) Relationship report showing grandparent down to grandchild would overprint a space over first character of name.

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.53 are below)

(fixed) On register report, child names were being shortened to 40 characters.

(fixed) Fixed problem where on some computers the textbox was empty when reading external files.

(fixed) On Gedcom import sometimes the option about CONC lines was not showing. (Needed for FTM gedcom files.)

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.52 are below)

(fixed) Fixed problem with Ctrl+V in Name grid and Picture grid.

(fixed) Pictures marked "family" were not backed up in the backup routine.

(fixed) Option to show duplicates caused by cousin marriage was not working on Ahnentefel Custom report.

(fixed) Family pictures are printed on the picture summary now.

(fixed) If a picture name had a period in the name, it was not printing on the ancestor chart.

(new) Some more foreign translation words appear on Edit. (not all yet.)

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.51 are below)

(fixed) Sometimes the Edit screen allowed changing the sex of a married person after going to another screen and returning.

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.50 are below)

(fixed) When using 6.0.49 and clicking on a picture on Edit, it would give an error message.

(fixed) When using the shortcut CTRL+V to Paste on the Notes screen (N column) it would do the paste twice.

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.49 are below)

(fixed) Marriage dates were missing on the 4 family box charts. Also fixed a problem in the 4 family box charts when a grandmother of the starting person was missing.

(fixed) When making an RTF file of the Register Book report, it now italicizes "children of" for the second spouse.

(new) The words "in, on, near, from" will print in a foreign language on the book reports now. (However, the work is not done yet for the entire program to run in a foreign language.)

(changed) On the Book reports, if you ask for alternate names to be included, it includes all of them unless they are marked "never print". Previously, it only printed them if they were set for the Book reports.

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.48 are below)

(fixed) If you had the program set to prompt you for a name to find on Edit, the tabs might be blank for the first person. You do not need this version 6.0.48 unless you had that problem with 6.0.46 or .47

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.47 are below)

(fixed) The April 2 version had problems with Edit if you were using an old foreign language file from BK5.

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.46 are below)

(new) On Group sheets or Book reports, if printing the new fields, it will show beginning and ending dates when you have dates entered that way on Edit.

(fixed) Sometimes if children had long text files on the Register report an overflow error would happen.

(fixed) Sometimes where there were cousin marriages, the Register report would say "children" and not list the children since they were listed previously. Now it will say "see marriage to number xx" where xx is the register number of the spouse above.

(new) On the Quality check, if a child was not linked correctly, there is an option to delete the bad link.

(new) The "delete unused sources" routine will now find an old link to a deleted event and remove the old source.

(new) New option on the Convert BK5 to BK6 routine to split 1 source from BK5 into 3 separate sources in BK6.

(fixed) Sometimes Jr. or Sr. after a name was not being exported to a Gedcom file.

(new) Some of the foreign language words will show on the Edit screen, but not all of them yet. This version was the first to use foreign language files on Edit and a few problems arose which are fixed by 6.0.48.

NOTICE: if you are using an old foreign language file from BK5, do not use 6.0.46 or it will give an error 62. That problem is fixed by 6.0.47.

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.44 are below)

(fixed) If printing the new events in a book report and if you requested the name of the spouse before the spouse messages, it was sometimes printing the name of the mother of the spouse before the messages.

(fixed) When doing a Split database, it was not writing the names of text and picture files to the bksplit.lst file.

(fixed) If printing a "4 family box chart", and if a parent is missing, the routine would stop instead of giving a warning message.

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.43 are below)

(fixed) Sometimes when starting it would say "unregistered version" even though you entered the reg number and password previously. This version should fix that problem.

(new) In 'fields to include' there is a new option on the Register, Indented, and Ahnentafel book reports to print all the new event fields or any selected set of event fields. Currently this new option only works if you also pick the option for 'separate paragraphs for husband and wife'

(new) A new option on the Register, Indented, and Ahnentafel book reports on the 'messages' tab to also print Notes that are attached to events. Currently this new option only works if you also pick the option to print the new events (see above.) Currently this option will print the notes at the end of the report. There will be another option added in the future to print those notes imbedded in the data for each person.

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.42 are below)

(fixed) The separation line between children on the Group sheet sometimes did not start at the correct left margin.

(fixed) In the Compute Relationships routine it sometimes gave an error after computing 80 relationship for 2 people.

(fixed) If you had options set to show a letter like "n" instead of # before the BK code numbers, it would sometimes not be able to jump to people from the List, Alphabetical Display screen.

(fixed) If you set a report to exclude data for people over age 110, you might accidentally have 1100 in the age field and not know it. Now it will warn you.

(new) On Edit it now uses Shift+F6 not CTRL+F6 to Add Parents (since CTRL+F6 caused problems on some systems.)

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.41 are below)

(fixed) Fixed error in Group if you picked Create TXT file and you had notes. The notes were moved too far to the right.

(fixed) Fixed error in Group sheets if user asked for pictures of children, but not husband and wife.

(new) If user moves marriage event above individual events, a message say to put marriages below on the grid.

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.40 are below)

(fixed) Errors when doing a Preview on Book reports would stop program instead of just giving error message.

(fixed) Tree chart, Landscape, on Continuous paper was fixed.

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.39 are below)

(new) BKUPDATE now installs VSORT.COM since some people install to a new folder causing sorts not to work.

(fixed) Fixed a problem when printing a book report with no heading, no date, and no top page numbers. The first picture would not print.

(new items or items fixed by 6.0.38 are below)

(fixed) Fixed a problem with the Convert BK5 to BK6 routine. If you used the Other field in BK5 for something and if you attached a Source to that item, and if when you did the convert you moved that item to a non-event (something below Occupation on the list), then the source for that would not attach to the correct item. For example if you moved one of the five events from BK5 to Military then any source for Military would not show up. If you have a lot of these, and if you can not convert again with 6.0.38 because of many changes you have made, contact John Steed for help.

(fixed) The install program now will make BK6 compatible with Peachtree Accounting (if you use that program).

(new) Option to change the font name and font size for the textbox for notes in Edit. Click Options on Notes tab.

(fixed) Again tried to fix the problem when backing up to large hard drives.

(fixed) If the path to the external editor is bad, it will give the correct error message now when clicking button to edit text.

(fixed) Fixed an error in making RTF files for book reports if the title field is set for Italic and is over 110 characters long.

(new) A couple people get a blank text box when they click the name of a text file in Notes. Some changes were made to try to work around that problem.

(items fixed by 6.0.37 are below)

(fixed) Custom reports field 3 will use "Last name" field from Edit for a person if not blank.

(fixed) Tree chart was not printing Baptism year if you asked for years only for the dates.

(new) Witness grid shows born and died dates of witness.

(new) Option to remove "married" word before married date for Book reports.

(new) New way to edit sources. Click the Edit source button after you pick Lists, Sources.

(fixed) (maybe) Some people were getting Overflow error if they tried to backup to a hard drive larger than 600 megs. Also see 6.0.38 above which did some more changes regarding this.

(items fixed by 6.0.36 are below)

(fixed) Fixed Custom reports to show D if divorced and to show divorce date.

(new) Added CTRL+Shift+letter sortcut to Find screen.

(fixed) Descendant report was saying "text file line too long" if you asked for a blank line before text file.

(items fixed by 6.0.35 are below)

(fixed) Fixed problem with converting from BK5 when you had a combination of $$ and # and * and regular message lines. Now it will keep them all in the same order as they were in BK5.

(new) If you have a word processor set up Options, you can use that to edit external text files also.

(fixed) Added Create TXT file to the menu for Compute Relationship.

(new) The Group sheets will print the "also know as" names for a person also.

(new) On the Word search pick the tab for All Fields, and it will find a source that is attached to any event, not just the basic events.

(items fixed by 6.0.34 are below)

(fixed) Fixed Age column in the custom lists.

(fixed) Fixed display problem on Page Setup tab for Birthday list.

(fixed) Fixed "overflow" error on Gedcom Export when there were over 32000 events in the database.

(fixed) Fixed a problem if the option was set to for the Search screen to show matching names in Birth year order, and if one person in the matching list had attached to him/her the last event added to the database, then the matching list might not contain everyone that matched the name.

(new) New option on Calendar report screen. If you pick All months, and Printer font 8 or less (you can type in 6 above the drop down list if you want) and then click the Portrait word to change to Landscape, there is a new button to print 4 months per page.

(items fixed by 6.0.33 are below)

(fixed) Sometimes the routine to Delete unused sources did not work.

(fixed) Fixed problem if adding a Witness and adding a Source for the Witness at the same time.

(fixed) Fixed a problem where you got an unnecessary warning message when adding an address to a couple.

(new) New routine under File, Sources, Combine duplicate sources. Use it if some master sources are exactly the same.

(items fixed by 6.0.32 are below)

(fixed) Fix problem if adding a new source to an event, then click Cancel while source list is loading.

(fixed) Fix Error 75 if you do two gedcom imports in a row.

(new) Added new option for gedcom export to add a space between CONC lines. The Concatenation tag is used to split up a long note line. Gedcom specifications say to split in the middle of a word and to not insert a space when importing the gedcom file. However, some genealogy programs split the line between works and therefore need a space added between the CONC lines.

(new) Made a change in Gedcom import so BK6 can read a gedcom file from FTM that is indented.

(new) Added some new shortcut keys to the Edit menu.

(items fixed by 6.0.31 are below)

(fixed) When you are adding a new person, the * on the tabs is erased now.

(fixed) Sometimes the date did not print on Custom reports when it was requested.

(changed) A couple people reported "overflow" when printing pictures on group sheets.

(items fixed by 6.0.30 are below)

(fixed) Some people got Error 52 when converting BK5 to BK6. This seemed to happen if BK5 had a picture file that included ~ in the name and that picture file was not found for some reason. This version should fix that error.

(fixed) This version should fix the error 380 when deleting unused locations or globally changing locations.

(fixed) This version fixes the message "note pointer in source" when importing a gedcom file.

(fixed) Fixed problem with File, Utilities, when changing last name to uppercase.

(items fixed by 6.0.29 are below)

(fixed) Fixed problem with the * after children on tab if changing spouses.

(fixed) Fixed problem with family address when changing spouses.

(fixed) Fixed a problem where messages for spouse were not printing on Register Book report if a child was married but had no children.

A couple people are getting error 52 when doing the convert from BK5 to BK6. This version does not fix the problem, but it will give additional information if error 52 happens. If you get the error with this version, notify John of the location of the error that is given on the screen. It will say "error happened at location xxxx."

(items fixed by 6.0.28 are below)

(fixed) Fixed problem with Split routine if you select an existing folder name that contains a space.

(fixed) Fixed problem when searching for REF number if REF field was right justified.

(new) Added new button to search for existing text file when adding notes.

(fixed) Fixed problems if using ALT+F2 when Finding a person and fixed problem when picked Cancel from ALT+F2

(fixed) Fixed problem where sometimes when importing a gedcom the source Title or Author were not marked with a check (so they would print on reports.)

(changed) Changed the search routine. If you are searching for a first and last name and you type over 5 characters for the names, it used to be that if the name was not found, it would do a search on only the first 5 letters of the names. Now if you type over 5 letters but less than 10, if it does not find a match, it offers a suggestion for the search.

(new) Added * on the tabs on Edit if there is data on the tab. So if there is not a * on the Notes tab, then you do not need to click it to see if the person has notes or not.

(new) On the main menu pick File, Utilities and there is a routine to change names to or from UPPER or Lower case and a routine to globally change the path names for the attached Note text files or Picture files.

(items fixed by 6.0.27 are below)

(fixed) Fixed problem with ansel characters in sources when importing gedcom file.

(fixed) Fixed problem on Edit if adding information for a person with 2 or more spouses, and then you change the spouse in the drop down box.

(fixed) Fixed problem if you are editing a note for a person and you do not click the "Save changes" button and then you move to another person. Now it will save changes if you do not click either save changes or cancel.

(fixed) Fixed a problem on the Tree chart if you picked Zoom, Larger before picking Zoom, Smaller.

(items fixed by 6.0.26 are below)

(fixed) Fixed problem importing or exporting Immigration events in gedcom.

(fixed) Fixed problem on custom List when printing field 87 and a person had two marriages and only had children in first.

(fixed) Fixed problem where BKMESSG.DT6 file would sometimes not Restore when restoring backup.

(changed) Reduced the amount of space after the number when sending Register Book report to RTF file.

(fixed) Fixed problem when pressing F8 to search for a location on Edit screen. It sometimes did not work unless you clicked the location field with the mouse first.

(fixed) Fixed problem on Ancestor Chart when printing Multi-page report. If you started in Landscape, it would change to Portrait after 3 pages.

(fixed) Fixed problem on Child grid when you pick rearrange and then click the Sort button.

(fixed) Fixed problem on Family View when a woman was at the top and she had multiple spouses, the headings for Husband and Wife were not correct.

(changed) When importing a gedcom file, if a person had a title of Jr or Sr it now puts it at the end of the name field.

(items fixed by 6.0.25 are below)

(fixed) Fixed problem when doing Word search and Edit then going back to Word search.

(fixed) Fixed problem on Tree chart if printing dates and if there was a cousin marriage.

(fixed) Fixed problem where Alt+F2 did not work in the Notes area.

(fixed) If you have a Divorce event with no date, it will now print "divorced" on the book reports.

(fixed) Fixed problem on Split database when picking Descendants.

(items fixed by 6.0.24 are below)

(fixed) Fixed problem when adding notes to a picture right after adding the picture. Sometimes the note attached to a picture from the person you viewed previously.

(fixed) If you did not have a person number 1 you would get an error going to Edit the first time.

(new) Added death date after the birth date on the Children grid and Siblings grid

(new) Added more information on the Family View screen. Also, pressing F7 on Family View will return to Edit and change the current person to the person that was on the top left in Family View.

(fixed) Sometimes the page number did not show for footnotes when printing.

(new) Added a way to search in Word Search for Quality of sources.

(new) On Group sheets, Fields to Include there is a check box to show only primary events or show all events.

(new) If you view a source for a person, then the next time you click the S column to add a source to an event, it will have a button that will add the previous source to this event. (This is similar to typing = for a source in 5.2G)

(fixed) Fixed overflow problem if creating a gedcom file and an attached text file was over 60,000 bytes

(fixed) Fixed problem if you had two notes attached to a person and you used the up/down arrows to move between the two files on the grid. It was not changing the text in the text box.

(items fixed by 6.0.22 are below)

(fixed) The changes you make on the Events grid in Edit are output to the bkaudit file.

(fixed) fixed problem with the Calendar report

(fixed) If you put a sort name in the sort name field, it uses that for the Alphabetical Report now.

(fixed) fixed problem with a long message on Group sheets that went to second page (there was no margin)

(items fixed by 6.0.21 are below)

(fixed) fixed problem when adding parents and first parent is new but second parent was in database already.

(fixed) fixed problem on reports when there was a cousin marriage (it affected people after the cousin marriage.)


Convert routine may have problems if attached files do not have a drive letter but do have a path

CTRL+ a letter for a shortcut has been changed to CTRL+SHIFT+ a letter. Only works on Edit screen currently.

Regarding the "Print Where" field for pictures: If one is set to Primary, that one will be used for reports with pictures. If none is marked Primary, the one marked Group will print. If none are marked, the first will print.

The "Print Where" field for names does nothing yet, except if you select Birthday/Anniversary report.

Most reports will only show the 5 primary events for a person: Birth, Baptism, Christening, Death, Burial and one occupation and show Married and Divorced for family records. However the Group sheet report has an option to print all events if you turn off the option for basic events only. Also the Book reports can print all the new events.

If you find any other bugs in the program, please email information to John Steed and include the version number of the program you are using. Pick Help, About BK to see the version number such as 6.1.21. It is best to send bug reports directly to John Steed and not to the BK mail list.

The discussion list for Brother's Keeper is currently being hosted by RootsWeb. To join the list, send an email message with only the word SUBSCRIBE in both the subject and the body of the message to (for mail mode) or to (for digest mode). After you subscribe, you will then get messages from everyone that sends messages to the list, and you may then send messages to the list by sending them to If you only subscribe to digest mode, you will only get one message each day instead of possibly several messages each day. The list is not run by John Steed, but John is a member of the list. The list is useful to find out what others are doing with BK and to get ideas from others. If you have a question for John Steed, do not send it to the list, but instead send the question to John directly.




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