How to move your data so it is not under C:\program files

If you have Windows Vista or Windows 7 and if you previously had your BK data located under 
C:\program files somewhere then Windows will do some strange tricks with the data. 
Newer versions of Windows do not like data to be there below C:\program files so Windows 
moves the data to another place and then pretends to put the data under C:\program files. 

So it is best to move the data files to a different folder. 
If the following procedure does not work as indicated, stop and tell John Steed what happened. 

Start Brother's Keeper version 6.4 or 6.5
That should open the database and show the correct number of names. 

Then pick: File, Backup data files. 

Then click "Pick a different drive" 
Then in the create box type C:\BK6\DATA 
Then click Create 
Then turn OFF the options to also backup text and picture files.
Then click the new button that says "copy to C:\BK6\DATA" 
After you click that and after it copies the data, then pick: File, Open database, 
and double click on C:\ then double click on BK6 then double click on DATA then click OK 
After all of that, the bottom of the screen should say C:\BK6\DATA 
and it should have the correct number of names. 

If you have multiple BK6 databases, you can move each one to a named folder below the data folder.