Translators of Brother's Keeper

Language translators, you can download WORD6SET.EXE which contains the translation program for BK 6.5.

Download WORD6SET.EXE version 1.35 dated 22-Aug-2011

14-Nov-2011 Correction for workfile record number 6218. It should say 'Sort Name' and not 'Last Name'

22-Aug-2011 Longer Workfile file. Added a few more lines. It still says version 1.34 on the screen, but the workfile goes to line 7277 with this update.

19-Aug-2011 I changed the word Move to Copy on the Compare screen for all the buttons. Since the database on the right does not change, the word Copy is better. The Workfile currently still has Move, but when you translate, you should use the word for Copy.

08-Aug-2011 Longer Workfile file. See BKWords6.DOC for more information.

Note to translators about the Custom Wording on Book Reports: you can COPY the file called English-CustomWording.DTA file to a new file name with your language name instead of English and then the program will use that file. Then on the Book reports, press F9 and you can translate the words in the white textbox areas. (Do that for each event) After you translate the default custom words, if you are the BK translator for that language, you can send the .DTA file to John to be included in the install program.

I need to clarify the help line for Workfile record numbers 6261 and 6262:

Line 6261 is [name of spouse] when the name on the left is male and the spouse is female.
Line 6262 is [name of spouse] when the name on the left is female and the spouse is male.

21-Mar-2011 Longer Workfile file. See BKWords6.DOC for more information.

21-Mar-2011 New help page: 'Custom Wording' is help context ID 4613

27-Nov-2010 Longer Workfile file. See BKWords6.DOC for more information.

28-May-2010 Longer workfile file. See BKWords6.DOC for more information.

26-May-2010 New help page: 'Collapsed Ancestor Box Chart' is help context ID 4612

10-Feb-2010 New help page: 'Utilities, Global event sort' is help context ID 4695

10-Feb-2010 New help page: 'Other, All relatives of a person' is help context ID 4610

10-Feb-2010 New help page: 'Utilities, Find infinite loop' is help context ID 4611

30-Jan-2010 Longer workfile file. See BKWords6.DOC for more information.

02-Jan-2010 New help page: 'Select which alternate names to print' is help context ID 3300

25-Oct-2009 Longer workfile file. See BKWords6.DOC for more information.

26-Sep-2009 Longer workfile file. See BKWords6.DOC for more information.

I have changed the translation for Workfile record numbers 5713 - 5718 to the following:

Word 2007 will not automatically resize all the
pictures to 1 inch the way Word 2002 did.
So click a picture, and then on the top menu click Format
and then on the right of the ribbon, in the area that is called
Size, type a 1 in the Height field and press the Enter key.
That will set the size of that picture to 1 inch tall.

19-Sep-2009 Longer workfile file. See BKWords6.DOC for more information.

06-Sep-2009 Longer workfile file. See BKWords6.DOC for more information.

01-Sep-2009 Longer workfile file. See BKWords6.DOC for more information.

06-Dec-2008 Added 3 lines to the Workfile. These three events will show in English if they are blank. So you can enter your own translation of these events in the Workfile.

    2987 = "Verify home christening"
    2988 = "Churching of woman"
    2989 = "Memorial service"

02-Nov-2008 New workfile record number 3835 and also longer workfile file to record number 5358 (.bkw lines 5434.)

29-Oct-2008 Added new topics in the Help file. 4595, 4596, 4693, 4694 (page down for complete list). The next update to BK6 will link to these new pages.

18-Oct-2008 Added some Help lines to workfile.xx6 about the new lines from 17-Oct-2008.

17-Oct-2008 Longer workfile file to record number 5270 (.bkw lines 5345.)

24-Sep-2007 Longer workfile file.

16-Feb-2007 Note to translators: Windows Vista will require a different type of help files. It will not read the normal .HLP files but will require .CHM files. Some of you are using VB HelpWriter to make the .HLP files and that program will not make .CHM files. Please contact John Steed about whether you already have a newer help authoring program that will make the .CHM files. The .CHM files will work with Windows 98 or Me or 2000 or XP or Vista. The current version of BK 6.2 will show the .CHM help file if it exists, or the older .HLP file otherwise.

14-Feb-2007 New help page: 'Attach picture to source' is context ID 4596

05-Feb-2007 Use workfile record 3730 for the new line on Gedcom, Export 'This is the list of events to export'

It is possible to accidently change the topic ID numbers in your help file
so here is the correct list of numbers that BK uses.   The main screen
of BK uses topic ID number 100

                         Brother's Keeper Help

             2 Edit                                                           
             3 Ancestor Chart                                                 
             6 Select location                                                
             7 Display List                                                   
             8 Rearrange Children or Spouses                                  
             9 Source                                                         
            10 Select the source you want                                     
            11 Descendant Tree Chart                                          
            12 Select Person                                                  
            13 Reports (book)                                                 
            14 Printing                                                       
            15 Picture                                                        
            17 Group Sheets                                                   
            18 Descendant Box Chart                                           
            19 Custom Reports                                                 
            20 Descendant Report                                              
            21 fonts                                                          
            22 Locations Lists                                                
            44 Word Search                                                    
            55 Print Preview                                                  
            56 Error                                                          
            76 Creating Index File                                            
            77 Collapsed Ancestor Chart                                       
            78 Convert date format                                            
            79 Delete Unused Locations/sources/repositories                   
            80 Change Location Globally                                       
            81 Index                                                          
            87 Editor                                                         
           100 Brother's Keeper for Windows                                   
           101 Register Brother's Keeper for $45                              
           102 Quality check                                                  
           103 Save Ctrl Key as a String                                      
           105 Time Line                                                      
           110 Sources list                                                   
           112 Word Search - Select Person to Edit                            
           135 Gedcom                                                         
           200 Global Search and Replace                                      
           210 File (main screen)                                             
           230 Descendant Reports                                             
           240 Ancestor Reports                                               
           250 Lists (menu item main screen)                                  
           260 Other reports (main menu)                                      
           270 Help                                                           
           300 Add Source to Range of People                                  
           321 Parent type/Child type                                         
           700 Convert Names Upper/Lower Case                                 
           800 Notes Utility                                                  
           850 Add Back Deleted BK Code Numbers                               
           975 Options for BK                                                 
          4160 List of Databases                                              
          4170 Date types                                                     
          4200 Last Names                                                     
          4210 Locations info                                                 
          4220 Shareware                                                      
          4250 Registration number                                            
          4260 Register Report                                                
          4290 Merge databases                                                
          4300 Split database                                                 
          4304 Palm                                                           
          4340 Import gedcom file                                             
          4350 Export gedcom file                                             
          4390 Birthday / Anniversary                                         
          4400 Open Database                                                  
          4410 Database Statistics                                            
          4420 Printer Setup                                                  
          4430 Backup data files                                              
          4440 Change Source Globally                                         
          4450 Exit Brother's Keeper                                          
          4460 Indented report                                                
          4470 Ahnentafel Report                                              
          4480 Duplicate people                                               
          4490 Convert BK 5 database                                          
          4545 Compute Birth Date                                             
          4550 Compute Relationships                                          
          4561 Restore data files                                             
          4571 Reasonableness Check                                           
          4577 Calendar                                                       
          4584 Locations with Events                                          
          4585 Missing Information Report                                     
          4586 Count of Descendants                                           
          4588 Graphic Bar Charts                                             
          4589 Tiny Tafel                                                     
          4590 List of Surnames                                               
          4591 Ancestor Box Chart                                             
          4592 Picture summary                                                
  new     4595 Location Details
  new     4596 Pictures for Sources
          4597 Flag a group of people                                         
          4598 Unlinked Branches                                              
          4599 Ancestor Fan Chart                                             
          4601 Select folder or file                                          
          4602 Odd, Even, Start with                                          
          4603 Output to TXT File
  new     4610 All relatives of a person
  new     4611 Find infinite loop  
          4621 Repository                                                     
          4631 Notes for Event                                                
          4641 Function Keys                                                  
          4646 Family Edit                                                    
          4651 Merge duplicate sources/repositories                           
          4661 General 'to do' items                                          
          4671 To Do items                                                    
          4681 Media files                                                    
          4691 To Do Search/Report                                            
  new     4693 Limit which events to show on Edit
  new     4694 Individual Timeline
  new     4695 Global event sort
          4702 Glossary                                                       

02-Feb-2007 new Word6set.exe file with new lines at end of workfile (to record 5019)

09-Jan-2007 new Word6set.exe file with new lines at end of workfile (to record 4971)

03-Jan-2007 New help page: 'Flag group of people' is context ID 4597

03-Jan-2007 New help page: 'Unlinked branches' is context ID 4598

10-Dec-2006 new Word6set.exe file with about 90 new lines at end of workfile (from 4830 to end)

10-Dec-2006 New help page: Ancestor Fan Chart is context ID 4599

On workfile line 4833 where it says Parents, that is the first of 4 lines you can use for the parents generation on the Fan chart. Then on line 4837 where it says Grand that is the first of 4 lines for grand parents. You can use 1 line or 2 or 3 or 4 for each generation. If your words are long, then use more than 1 line. You can also make a longer line, for example you could put 'grand parents' on line 4837 and leave 4838 blank. If you do that, and the words are so long that they go into the previous or next column, then you could leave the first line blank in 4833 or 4841 and use the second line for those columns. You can see what looks best for your language.

04-Nov-2006 new Word6set.exe file with about 50 new lines at end of workfile

07-Nov-2006 New help page: Palm is context ID 4304

04-Nov-2006 New help page: Family Edit is context ID 4646

22-June-2005 New help context ID: General Todo is 4661 and List, Todo Search/Report is 4691

(new 21-Jan-2005) If your workfile has line 4437 blank, then enter your translation for the word "Witness" and versions of BK6 after 21-Jan-2005 will use that word at the bottom of Group sheets or Book reports before the names of the witnesses. Also if line 4434 is blank, then enter your translation for the words "see witness". If you already have the 18-Jan-2005 Word6set.exe file, you do NOT need to download it again, just add the word on line 4437 and on line 4434

21-Jan-2005 bkupdate.exe on the .NET web site - added "see witness" from workfile line 4434

20-Jan-2005 bkupdate.exe on the .NET web site - made some small changes on the Global Change of Ref Number screen and fixed a problem on the heading of Split Database screen.

(new 18-Jan-2005) The workfile is longer. The new lines in the workfile will work with BK 6.1 (dated 18-Jan-2005) Get BKUPDATE.EXE from the www.bkwin.NET web site.

When you run 1.13 have it make the changes from the xx6 workfile, and print the changes.

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